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Sara Garcia,

Owner of

Naturel Healing and Beauty


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  Years later, it wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted to empower other women especially healers and estheticians, through creating a safe space and supporting them in their growth as an Esthetician, healer and business owner.   Helping them by learning through my mistakes and creating a safe haven for them in what can often be an unsafe alienating industry. 

  I am unique as a business owner because I have been through this road myself.  I began by renting a room in a hair salon and built my clientele from nothing to what it is now today.  I also am an empath and that can be rare in business owners, especially in the beauty industry. It’s helped me to build the important relationships that still support me today to provide this safe space for other empaths in the beauty and healing industries.

Personally, I am forever on a journey to be a better me.  I am attuned to reiki and I am a self help junkie so I am always thinking of habits to help support a healthy mindset.  I am also a mother of two small kids who I make my number one instead of business, which I am proud of.  I’ve realized balance is an illusion and you should prioritize what really matters which is them and my husband, my closest connections and my biggest support.  I have taken courses or have been a practitioner in every service currently being offered which helps me to educate my clients and new business owners in our space since I have a background in it all!


Clients connect with me easily as I am open and loving, which creates a safe space for them to share their likes and dislikes so we can find the services that really caters to their specific needs as a woman.  Business owners love me because I am an open book and willing to share my human struggles so they know they are not alone.  I also have been trained thoroughly from my high school job at in n out to the spas I worked at as a massage therapist and my early esthetician days to give great customer service.  That benefits both clients and practitioners as I can set a great exampled for them and show them how to create that welcoming atmosphere for their new clientele.


Interested in starting a new business in beauty or healing?  Reach out to me.  I’m always open to talk. 

In need of a low maintenance beauty routine?  I am still taking clients and am happy to care for you.  You can find me on our scheduler under Sara!

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